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The Sivananda Yoga for all Levels courses seek to empower individuals with classical Yoga tools and Self-knowledge to promote integral health, to reduce stress, to restore balance and a sense of purpose in one’s life.

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Yoga for Health and Healing


This video on Yoga for Health and Healing: Treating the disease, not the symptom looks at the new Sivananda Yoga Health Educator program which is a revolutionary 800-hour course that will train Yoga Health Educators to work directly with patients and guide them to a healthy lifestyle. 

Sivananda yoga offers foundation courses for those new to yoga and want to learn.
800 Hour Professional Yoga Health Educator Training

We are now offering an IAYT accredited 2-year 800-hour Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training (SYHET) program which trains students in the therapeutic application of the 5 Points and 4 Paths.

Sivananda yoga offers foundation courses for those new to yoga and want to learn.
Well-being Center

Visit our Well-being Center to see the ayurvedic treatments and yoga health consultations that we have available.

The secret of being healthy and happy at all times is to be a little hungry all the time.

– Swami Sivananda

Diet and Nutrition

Vegetarian Cooking and Learning

Correct nutrition and diet gives proper fuel for the body and the mind without creating toxins and digestive problems. Optimum utilization of food, air, water and sunlight is essential.

There is medical evidence that a balanced vegetarian diet is extremely healthy and provides everything the body needs. The Yogic vegetarian diet is sattvic (pure), and helps to calm the mind, and to reveal the spirit as well as nourish the body.

Vegetarian Cooking Course

Learn the science of the 6 tastes, a unique feature of ayurvedic nutrition to insure proper digestion, assimilation of nutrients and elimination. The use of spices and sattvic food, based on grains, pulses and vegetables, savouries and sweetmeats as prescribed in Ayurveda bring about a wholesome experience of wellbeing.

Guidelines for a Healthy Diet

A diet which is not in accord with the principles of satisfactory nutrition leads to impaired physical development, ill-health and untimely death. A high standard of health, vigor and vitality can be achieved through a well-balanced diet. Such a diet will enable you to develop your inherited capacities to the full extent.

Diet and Nutrition

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Health is that state in which a man sleeps well, digests his food well, is quite at ease, and is free from any uneasiness

– Swami Sivananda

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Learn to adapt to stress

Stress has been determined to be the #1 cause of all illness and disease. Working in alliance with the mind, body and breath, one can learn to not only effectively reduce stress, one can actually achieve a deep sense of peace and well-being. The course is based on the time-tested practice of yogic principles that are proven to be highly effective and easy to learn regardless of a person’s experience in Yoga. Come join us for this special course to learn practical Yoga techniques to reduce stress and build stress resilience.

Relaxation Techniques

We can not redo the past and it is not helpful to worry about the future, but we can live in the solid present and make the best of it. There will be workshops and lectures specifically on the power of thoughts, how to be in the present, and how to turn negative feelings and thoughts to positive feelings. How to manage stress and respond positivily to challenges. Yoga psychology and philosophy have a wealth of techniques and information that will help us to cope.

– Three Levels of Relaxation – Body, Mind, Spirit
– Fight and Flight response v Relaxation repsonse
– Leading a Concentrated Life to overcome stress
– Meditation, Yoga asanas, Pranayama
– Stress, Anger, Fear management

Stress Relief and Relaxation

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Bask in the sun.  Live in the open air.  Sleep in the open air.  The sun and open air are your good doctors.

– Swami Sivananda

Yoga Health Wellness Camps

Sivananda Yoga Health Education Camps and Intensives offer these 5 Points of Yoga Life and their application to specific health conditions. Sivananda Yoga Health Educators will give you a free Yoga health assessment before the program.

Work with doctors and holistic health practitioners who understand the holistic approach to health and healing. Yoga Health Education Camps and Intensives are there for all to educate themselves and to help loved-ones in the prevention of disease.

Experience for yourself the benefits of a daily combination of these time-tested Yoga techniques and get back your positive health. Health is in your hands and in the hands of Mother Nature. It is not in the hands of the doctors and the big Pharmaceutical companies who only address symptoms.

Yoga for Cancer Wellness

The Sivananda Yoga Health Education Camp for Cancer Wellness is a 5-day retreat for those already diagnosed with cancer, survivors, caregivers, and family members suffering from the stresses of cancer. Yoga teachings and practices are designed to support and enhance quality of life focused on prevention, gentle Yoga exercise and diet, and spiritual health.

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Pain seems to be conscious and cognitive. Persisting pain is related to changes in the physical body and neuroplastic changes in the nervous system. The “danger button” is constantly activated. Pain changes us in many ways. There are equally many ways to change it back. Develop skills to keep your body, breath and mind calm. Put some evidence-based pain self-care processes in your pain care toolkit. There is hope for finding more peace and ease.

Yoga for Depression

“Do you have these symptoms of depression? problems sleeping, loss of weight or gain of weight, disinterest in your body hygiene and care, disinterested in hobbies or pleasures you were interested in before, problems in concentration and accountability, difficulty to do work or daily tasks, frequent mood swings , increased feeling of isolation and loneliness, difficulty in communications, indulgence in bad habits you have let go of before like cigarettes smoking, drinking, feeling worthlessness and even having suicidal thoughts?

Prevent and Manage Diabetes using Yoga

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by chronic hyperglycemia due to relative insulin deficiency or resistance or both. [29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, but 8.1 million may be undiagnosed and unaware of their condition.] The successful management of diabetes revolves around an individually tailored nutritional and lifestyle plan, Yoga exercise , breathing and meditation regimen. Use of medication if needed . Regular monitoring by patient and physician, and supportive education are an integral and important part of management.

Yoga for Stress Management

More than 70% of doctor visits are due to diseases or health conditions caused by stress. Stress adversely affects physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health if untreated for long periods of time. This 5-day Camp will help you to recognize the sources of stress in your daily life and provides the Yogic tools to increase one’s stress resilience and cultivate a positive outlook on life as we address our lifestyle choices and how to change them through:


Yoga Health Wellness Camps

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When you have controlled the mind, you have perfect control over the body.

– Swami Sivananda

Ayurveda Courses and Retreats


Ayurveda is a sister science to the knowledge of yoga. They both go hand in hand with each other. Most of us recognize that our health cannot be separated from what we think, say, do or eat. We are born with certain specific physical and mental conditions and we need to understand these to effectively progress in our life and relate to people and our environment. How do we make the best of our life?

Natural healing system

Ayurveda, the “science of life,” is the traditional medicine of India. It is probably the oldest health care system in the world, with roots going back over 5,000 years into the Vedic era. It is called the “Mother of All Healing.” Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive healing systems in the world, dealing integrally with body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda is allied with the profound yogic view of life and consciousness. Yogis need to understand Ayurveda to keep themselves healthy on the path of Sadhana. Ayurvedic practitioners use integrally yogic methods to achieve healing of body/mind/spirit. Understanding how the mind works is key to our progress.

Ayurveda provides us with a system for understanding the energies and qualities that are set in motion by our daily living practices, so we can counteract or prevent the imbalances that cause disease. The principles can be applied in our daily life routine, according to our unique constitution and adapting to changing conditions such as time of the day, season, age and culture.

Ayurveda affords much extraordinary knowledge and many opportunities to inform our own lifestyle choices and enhance of our skills adding greater value to our lives.

Ayurveda Courses and Retreats

Upcoming Dates

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You must be always cheerful.  Laughter and cheerfulness increase blood circulation and are blood tonics.

– Swami Sivananda

Detoxification and Rejuvenation

The Sivananda Yoga Resort is pleased to offer this opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and get in tune with nature and its natural rhythms. Ayurveda is the health component of the Yoga lifestyle. It is an ancient system of natural healing from India.

Experience authentic Yoga and Ayurveda under the guidance of Dr. Ramadas, senior physician of Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village, Coimbatore, India. Personal counselling will be provided for all participants. Our trained staff will be assisting Dr Ramadas to provide a high level of personal guidance and care.

You will follow an Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle for the duration of this retreat, which is designed to detoxify and rejuvenate body and mind, using the ancient knowledge and techniques of Yoga and Ayurveda. Special Ayurvedic diet will be given to assist in the healing and cleansing process. Gentle yoga with deep relaxation will be offered daily, in adidtion to a daily lecture on healthy living following the knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga, given by Dr Ramadas. Morning and evening meditation practice will be included.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation

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Yoga and Health

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Yoga for All Levels

The Sivananda Yoga for All Levels courses seek to empower individuals with classical Yoga tools and Self-knowledge to promote integral health, to reduce stress, to restore balance and a sense of purpose in one’s life.

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Specialty Courses and Programs

The Sivananda Yoga Specialty courses offer a broad range of topics which seek to empower individuals with classical Yoga tools and Self-knowledge to promote integral health, to reduce stress, to restore balance and a sense of purpose in one’s life.


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Yoga Vacation

Reconnect with healthy, balanced living and develop a spiritual and positive vision of life. Come for the day or spend a couple weeks with us. Our volunteer staff is always happy to welcome and share their enthusiasm with you.