Yoga Resort and Training Center


Perfect Location

The Sivananda Yoga Resort and Training Center is located amidst the secluded pine forests surrounding Tuyen Lam Lake, close to the hill-station town of Dalat, Vietnam, famed for its moderate climate and scenic beauty. The fresh air and silence of the forest location have moved many to remark on the healing atmosphere.

Pristine Nature

The location offers opportunities for walking, with several vantage points from which the local countryside can be admired. Regular walks up on the mountainside in the early morning, in time to watch the sunrise, or in the evening enjoy the light of the full moon or for star-gazing, are popular events in our program. On warmer evenings we often enjoy meditation outdoors in the light and warmth of a campfire. Close to our main Yoga hall a classical walking labyrinth provides a place for contemplative walks.

Main Building

The main building, comprising two yoga halls, the reception area , lounge and “boutique” (offering books, clothing, snacks and gift items) is located centrally in the property, close to the separate dining hall/kitchen building

Comfortable Rooms

Guests are housed in villa-style buildings, each with 3-5 separate rooms, that are spread over the property. Accommodation is simple, providing basic comforts. Bedding and towels are provided.

Please note that housekeeping services are not provided during your stay. 

Simple Living

The 14 buildings are connected by a paved access road which runs from the entrance of the Yoga Resort up to the top scenic lookout view.

High Thinking

The dining hall is centrally located on the property.  Two buffet-style vegetarian meals are served daily. Meals are produced with care according to Yogic dietary principles and make good use of the wide variety of fresh produce that is available in Dalat.

Guest accommodation

Guest accommodation


Guest accommodation is provided in villa-style buildings, each with several rooms, that are situated in the forest area. All rooms have attached bathrooms. Single occupancy is available, we also have some double rooms, other rooms have 3-4 beds. 

Facilities are simple, providing basic comfort. There is no air conditioner or heater provided. Please note that we do not provide housekeeping services for your room during your stay.


K’lan Resort, Hoa Hong Street, Ward 4
by the Tuyen Lam Lake
Dalat, Vietnam
[email protected]
Telephone: (+84) 263 650 1100