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Gaining Self Awareness

Learn practical skills and tools for gaining self awareness which helps you become more peaceful and connect with the Divine.

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How to Meditate for Beginners

Learning how to meditate for beginners starts in day-to-day life by detaching from activities so you can close your eyes and go into meditation.

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Learn to Focus with Yoga Psychology

Yoga psychology analyzes different mental states to find ways to overcome the distracted mind and learn to focus.  If we can do this it will lead to peace, bliss, and true freedom.

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The Science of Relaxation

In Sivananda yoga we learn the science of relaxation which relieve stress in body, mind and spirit and helps us be calm and peaceful.

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How Hatha Yoga Heals

Learn how hatha yoga heals by waking up the tamas or inertia, calming the rajas or over-activity, and nurturing the sattva or calmness and purity.

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Your Mind is Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy

Observe the MindYou are the observer of the mind. You are the witness of the mind. The mind is not you. It is your instrument. It is your tool. It is like when you drive a car. You don't say the car is me. The car is a tool. You can stop it, you can start it , you can...

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The Importance of Practicing Hatha Yoga Every Day

The first thing we teach you when you come to yoga is that you are not the body.  That's the first thing.  It is not the last thing.  It is the first thing.  We teach you that you need to take care of the body but you are not the body.  That is the...

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4 students practice Tree Pose by the pond

The Benefits of the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course

Swami Sita teaching from the Complete Illustrated book of Yoga

Learn to Focus with Yoga Psychology

Teaching Yoga with hands on correction

The Deeper Path of Yoga Healing

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