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2 year program (800 hours) 

Year 1: Three Modules each for 2 weeks (15 days).
Residential immersion programs at the Sivananda Yoga Resort and Training Center, Dalat, Vietnam. 440 hours
Year 2: One Module (distance learning) online courses (109 hours) and
Mentored practicum (251 hours) in medical clinic and yoga centers.

Module 1: Yoga and the Mind, Psychology and mental health

Jan.03-18, 2020  (149 hours)

  • Stress reduction and Health 
  • Yoga Psychology for mental health 
  • Meditation to reduce stress and increase well being
  • Raja Yoga and Positive thinking for emotional regulation 
  • Yoga Philosophy for healing
  • Yoga and Karma Counselling 
  • How Hatha Yoga heals 
  • Ayurveda foundations 
  • 5 layers of healing 

Module 2: Ayurveda and Healing, Anatomy and physiology and Yoga effects on specific conditions, pathologies of different systems.

Oct 16-31, 2020 (146 hours) 

  • Ayurveda detoxification
  • Biomedical information
  • Familiarity with medical terminology ,pathologies and disorders of different systems 
  • Anatomy and physiology: Yoga effects on specific conditions 
  • Yoga strategies to address stress, anxiety, fears, hatred, attachment, anger and desire, greed, grief, guilt, lust. 

Module 3: Yoga Health Techniques  and Yoga therapy to manage different conditions

Jan 08-31, 2021 (145 hours) 

  • Adapted Yoga for different groups and needs.

  • Yoga for back pain

  • Yoga for headaches.

  • Yoga for seniors 

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga for balance

  • Yoga for epilepsy

  • Yoga for people recovering from surgery

  • Lifestyle Yoga and its impact on body mind system

  • Yoga for immobile lifestyle -chai Yoga

  • Yoga for Health Management  of circulatory system diseases: Hypertension, heart conditions.

  • Yoga for Health Management of respiratory system disorders: asthma, breathing problems .

  • Yoga for Health Management of Metabolic conditions : diabetes, obesity, weight problems , immune system disorders.

  • Yoga for Health Management of digestive system disorders : ulcer, constipation..

  • Yoga for Cancer Management

  • Yoga for insomnia , sleep disorders.

  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda detoxification.

  • Sivananda protocols how to assess and prepare healthcare.

  • Yogic guidelines on ethical and positive life. 

Module 4: Distance learning  

109 hours

  • Principles of therapeutic relationships 
  • Skills for education clients and groups 
  • Yoga of recovery from addiction 
  • Ayurveda daily routine
  • Ayurveda nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology: pathologies of body systems. 

Module 5: Yoga health Techniques applied : Practicums under mentor's supervision:

251 hours

  • How to assess, follow up and counsel individuals 
  • How to educate groups in Health Education Yoga Camps on: 1. Diabetics and heart diseases; 2. Cancer management; 3. Chronic pains and arthritis, 4. stress management : depression; anxiety..
  • How to conduct Health Education retreats . 
  • How to conduct a Yoga therapeutic session 

Graduation Jan 2022