Sivananda Yoga Class


About the Sivananda Yoga Class

The Sivananda Yoga Class is 90 minutes and starts with 5 minutes of Initial Relaxation followed by the Opening prayer. Then we practice 20 minutes of pranayama followed by Sun salutations, leg warm-ups, and the 12 basic postures with some variations and modifications. There is relaxation between all the postures and students are encouraged to listen to their body and never push themselves beyond their own limitations.

12 Basic Postures 


Pranayama (Breath Control)

Every Yoga Classes begins with 20 minutes of pranayama or control of breath. By controlling the breath we are able to control the subtle nerve currents that run through the nervous system and in turn control the mind and the thoughts and emotions. We start with 3 rounds of Kapalabhati or 60-80 abdominal pumping followed by short breath retentions from 30 seconds to one minute. This is followed by 8-10 rounds of Anuloma Viloma or alternate nostril breathing (inhaling for 4, retaining for 16, and exhaling for 8). This practice is for intermediate students. Beginners will want to start by learning the deep abdominal breathing.


Sun Salutations

The Sun salutations are a warm-up exercise to get the blood circulating and stretch the body in many different directions. They are done at a moderate pacing coordinated with the breath. We usually do 12 rounds.