Yoga Vacation Application for Da Lat Center

Dalat center view from outside

Boutique and reception area
Sirsasana/Headstand - Join workshops every month where you can learn step-by-step how to come into a straight, strong, and balanced headstand.

Find your inner peace and tranquility while keeping balance in an every changing world through your yoga practice.

Classes are offered twice daily in the morning and evening.  Take this opportunity to bring back positive energy in your life.  
This photo is the main Yoga Room in the new Dalat Center.

This is the second Yoga Room also called the "Sun Room" with many windows to bring in fresh air and sunlight.

This is the Siva room - Shared Room with 3 bed with a lot of Sunlight and moutain view.
Accomodation/ Loai phong Single room     Share room    
Start Date/Ngay den
End Date/ Ngay di
Address/ Dia chi
Cellphone/ Dien thoai lien lac
Country of origin/ Quoc tich
Date of birth/ Ngay sinh
Gender/ Gioi tinh male     female    
Emergency Contact name/ Ten nguoi than de lien he trong truong hop khan cap
Emergency Contact Address/ Dia chi lien he khan cap
Emergency Contact Phone/ So dien thoai de lien he khan cap
Marital Status/ Tinh trang hon nhan
Profession/ Bang cap
Education/ Trinh do hoc van
Reference 1/ Nguoi de tham khao ve ban 1
Reference 2/ Nguoi de tham khao ve ban 2
Reference 3/ Nguoi de tham khao ve ban 3
Skills/ Ki Nang
Religion/ Ton giao
Yoga and Meditation Experience/ Kinh nghiem ve Yoga va thien dinh
Yoga and meditaion Practice Regularity/ Muc do thuong xuyen thuc hanh Yoga va Thien dinh
Physical or Mental Limitations/ Gioi han ve co the va tinh than
Criminal Record/ Tien an tien su
Prescription and Recreational Drug History/ Tien su nghien
If you have ever suffered from any mental illness or been in a mental institution, please explain/Tien su benh tam than hoac than kinh
Special dietary needs or restrictions/Nhu cau dinh duong va thuc an di ung
Have you been a member or have been a part of a Sivananda Ashram or Center before/ Ban da tung la thanh vien cua Thien vien hoac trung tam Sivananda Yoga truoc day?
Are you able to work independently and willing to do the duties assigned/ Ban co san sang lam viec doc lap va nhan nhiem vu duoc giao?
Are you ready to learn new skills/ Ban co mo san sang hoc nhung ki nang moi?
Are you able to take directions?/ Ban co the nhan su chi dao tu nguoi khac? yes     no    
Are you willing to open yourself to new ideas and teachings?/ Ban co san sang moi rong de hoc hoi nhung kien thuc moi? yes     no    
Is there anything else we should know or that you would like to tell about yourself?/ Nhung dieu khac chung toi nen biet them ve ban?
Explanation of Karma yoga and reason for wanting to come to the center/ Hay giai thich theo ban ve Karma Yoga (phuc vu tinh nguyen) va li do muon den Trung tam
I have read and understanded/ Toi da doc va hieu Residency Agreement/ Luat le tai trung tam Yes