Dalat Resort Residency, Seva, and Karma Yoga




Residency Program

The residential program is a one month full immerse in a Yoga life.  The practice of yoga life is the most important thing one can do for our health and well-being.  You will live in the resort during the program, take meals onsite and participate in all programs and classes.   Experience the Yogic lifestyle through a daily schedule of meditation, physical exercise, devotional practices, philosophical study and selfless service.  Karma Yoga service will be for one hour per day.

Residence Program Rates

  • $605 for one month in Tent
  • $693 for one month in Dormitory 4-person
  • $750 for one month in Dormitory 3-person
  • $935 for one month in Dormitory 2-person
  • $1210 for one month in Single

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Seva Study Program

Seva Study is where you become fully immersed in the ashram with the idea of selfless service (seva).  This seva-study program is designed to help you to practice selfless service in action and spirit in daily life. You will contribute 4 hours of seva per day and will live in the ashram, take meals onsite and participate in all programs and classes.  After applying we will contact you for a phone interview before being accepted to this program.

Seva Study Program Rates

  • $300 for one month in Tent
  • $400 for one month in Dormitory 4-person
  • $450 for one month in Dormitory 3-person
  • $500 for one month in Dormitory 2-person
  • Single Not Available

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Options for TTC Graduates

Karma Yoga - The Karma Yogi contributes 4 hours of work daily and participates in meditation and Yoga Asana classes daily along with selected courses offered by Sivananda Vietnam staff.  There is a substantial discount for the Karma Yogi of 50% from the normal rates.  Please fill out the same application, above, to join as a Karma Yogi; with approval we will be happy to welcome you whether for a single stay, to contribute a weekend or a week per month, or whatever suits both your and the Retreat'schedule. Being a Karma Yogi provides an excellent opportunity to both go deeper in your spiritual practices and to be of great service to others intent on the same.

Karma Yogi Rates

  • $14 per day in Tent
  • $17 per day in Dormitory 4-person
  • $20 per day in Dormitory 3-person
  • $23 per day in Dormitory 2-person
  • $33 per day in Single

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Temp-Staff - The core of the ashram's teachings is carried through the senior Swamis (monastics) and resident Yogis and teachers as well as a host of invited teachers, performers and lecturers. The resident teachers and swamis lead an integral yogic and dedicated life—full time without remuneration—with the sole goal to improve themselves by the practice of Yoga and to share the teachings with others.  A minimum committment of three months is required with a charge of $200 per month; committments of six months or a year are also possible. You may apply to become staff by filling out the application form. 

Temp-staff Rates

  • $600 for 3 months in Dormitory

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