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Stress has been determined to be the #1 cause of all illness and disease. During these turbulent times many peoples stress level is at an all time high. At the same time many of us realize that simply trying to "medicate" the stress away is not only ineffective long term but has serious side affects. There is an alternative. Working in alliance with the mind, body and breath, one can learn to not only effectively reduce or eliminate stress, one can actually achieve a deep sense of peace and well being that they may have not even known was possible. The course is based on the time tested practice of yogic principles that have proved to be highly effective and easy to learn regardless of a persons experience in yoga. Come join us for this special course and experience the joy of a life free from unnecessary stress and anxiety. Destress and unwind in the sauna, enjoy a peaceful walk and take advantage of all that the ashram has to offer.

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The Sivananda yoga system teaches techniques for health and peace of mind.  They work together.  Health brings peace of mind and peace of mind brings health.  We can achieve both through the Yoga way of life, which increases both physical and mental health.  Mental health implies that you are able to deal with stresses of daily life in a positive manner.   Some stress-related diseases and symptoms include diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, heart failure, stroke, sleep disorders, substance abuse, anger, abuse, and domestic violence....


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