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Swami Vishnudevananda, the founder of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams and Centers, was the first yogi in the West to teach Childrens' Yoga. This tradition at the Sivananda ashrams by offering Childrens' Yoga and Family campsCamps:

  • a ten-day overnight summer camp teaching children ages 7-14.  
  • opportunity for children to practice the teachings of yoga in a fun, inspiring, and energetic way in the peaceful natural environment
  • offering practice of asana (yoga postures), meditation, calmness and relaxation, compassion, healthy living, nature studies, hiking, painting, sketching,
  • participating in outside games and play time, a drama production with music and costume crafting, and trips to the refreshing surrounding attractions.
  • Karma Yoga will be introduced to the campers, including chores around the farm, cooking and gardening workshops, and caring for animals.  
  • The ratio of counselors to children is 1:4, children have c wholesome organic vegetarian meals are served 4 times daily.
  • All children will benefit from daily Yoga classes and breathing exercises combined with relaxation.
  • They will learn about and practice mediation, the value of Karma Yoga ( selfless service ) and
  • have their own children's satsang with daily singing and inspiring stories.
  • There will also be plenty of time for swimming, fun and games, and special activities outside the Yoga Farm.  
  • The camp is an uplifting environment and ideal to create a foundation for your child's peaceful and healthy development.  
  • We also offer a position for Junior Counselors, for campers who have been in our camp before, outgrew camp age and want to come back.

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