Residency Application for Ho Chi Minh Center


 Ananda Room

Phòng Sita

 Kailas Room

Kailas full view

Start Date/Ngay den
End Date/ Ngay di
Address/ Dia chi
Country of origin/ Quoc tich
Date of birth/ Ngay sinh
Gender/ Gioi tinh Male     Female    
Emergency Contact name/ Ten nguoi than de lien he trong truong hop khan cap
Emergency Contact Address/ Dia chi lien he khan cap
Emergency Contact Phone/ So dien thoai de lien he khan cap:
Marital Status/ Tinh trang hon nhan
Profession/Nghe nghiep
Education/Hoc van
Reference 1/Nguoi de tham khao ve ban 1
Reference 2/Nguoi de tham khao ve ban 2
Reference 3/ Nguoi de tham khao ve ban 3
Skills/Ky Nang
Religion/Ton giao
Yoga and Meditation practice experience/Kinh nghiem ve Yoga va Thien Dinh
Yoga and Meditation practice regularity/Muc do thuong xuyen thuc hanh Yoga va Thien dinh
Physical or Mental limitations/Benh ly suc khoe co the hay tinh than
Criminal record/Tien an tien su
Prescription and Recreational Drug history/Tien su benh va qua trinh su dung thuoc
If you have ever been in treatment for mental illnesses, please explain/ Neu ban da tung tri lieu ve van de benh tam ly, xin neu ro
Dietary needs or restrictions/Che do an dac biet hay di ung can luu y
Have you been member of a Sivananda Center or Ashram before?/ Ban co phai la hoi vien cua trung tam hay thien vien Sivananda Yoga truoc day?
Are you able and willing to work independently on assigned duties?/ Ban co san sang lam viec doc lap va nhan nhiem vu duoc giao?
Are open to learning new skills?/Ban co san sang de hoc nhung ky nang moi?
Are you able to take directions?/ Ban co the nhan chi dao tu nguoi khac ? Yes     No    
Are you willing to open yourself up to new ideas and teachings?/ Ban co san sang don nhan nhung kien thuc moi? Yes     No    
Is there anything else we should know about you?/ Con dieu gi khac ma chung toi nen biet ve ban?
Please explain Karma Yoga from your point of view and elaborate on your reason for coming to the center/ Hay giai thich theo ban ve Karma Yoga (phuc vu tinh nguyen) va li do muon den Trung tam
I have read and understand the residency Agreemen/ Toi da doc va hieu ro noi quy cua chuong trinh o tro Yoga tai TP. HCM/ Yes