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Three immersion retreats at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Resort and Training Center in Dalat, Vietnam, on line courses and mentored practicum on line. 

Immersion Yoga retreat one:  January 2018 

  •  Yogic concept of holistic health
  • Yogic anatomy of 3 bodies and 5 sheaths
  • The 5 practices for body mind spirit health
  • The 4 health techniques
  • HATHA YOGA: postures, breathing, relaxation, diet
  • RAJA YOGA: psychology, self regulation techniques, meditation, mantras
  • JNANA YOGA: Vedanta philosophy, self-enquiry, Selfremembrance
  • BHAKTI YOGA: devotion, love and emotional sublimation
  • KARMA YOGA: selflessness, duty and service
  • Stress reduction and health
  • Yoga Pshychology  
  • Meditation to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic conditions  
  • Raja Yoga for emotional regulation  
  • Alternative Psychotherapy -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • Harmony in Private Life -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • 3 energies -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • Yoga of successful relationships -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • The Alchemy of Happiness -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • Fast Personal Growth with the Help of Eastern Psychology -Rami Bleckt, Phd

Immersion Yoga retreat two - March 2018

  • Ayurveda foundations  
  • Yoga of recovery Yoga and Ayurveda for addictive conditions 
  • Adapted Yoga for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra  
  • 5 layers of Healing - yogic and ayurvedic view of pancha koshas 
  • Yoga & Ayurveda  for metabolic conditions, diabetes , obesity, auto immune discorders 
  • Back and Spine Pain -Lila Lolling
  • Immobile Lifestyles -Lila Lolling
  • Balance -Lila Lolling
  • Epilepsy -Lila Lolling
  • Yoga for people recovering from surgery -Lila Lolling

Immersion Yoga retreat 3 - Summer 2018 (online)

  • How Hatha Yoga Heals
  • Pain Management 
  • Ayurveda foundations 
  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • Yoga effects on specific conditions
  • cardio vascular conditions,  respiratory conditions  
  • Approach to vedic counselling 
  • Jyotish and Karma counseling 
  • Positive thinking 
  • Business practices  
  • Summary on Yoga and Ayurveda healthy lifestyle 
  • Learning Vedic Astrology and Alternative Psychology Easily through Love -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • Vedic Astro-Psychology -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • Practical Techniques of Eastern Psychology for a Westerner -Rami Bleckt, Phd
  • The Influence of the Planets on our Destiny and Health -Rami Bleckt, Phd

Yoga health Techniques practicum: fall 2018